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Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh said that our cause of Khalistan should not be seen as evil and taboo. It should be seen from an intellectual point of view as to what could be its geopolitical benefits. It is an ideology and ideology never dies. We are not demanding anything from Delhi.

SIT will investigate
The Special Investigation Team (SIT) will now investigate the cases registered against the associates of Waris Punjab De organization chief Amritpal. Despite this assurance from the police, the protesters have continued to protest outside the police station. Punjab Police Border Zone IG Munish Chawla and Amritsar (Rural) SSP Satinder Singh say that a meeting of police officers with the representatives of Waris Punjab De has taken place.

The workers of the organization agreed to withdraw the picket and assured that the workers will not spoil the atmosphere in any way. After completing the legal process from the police side, the activist of Jathebandi will be released Lovepreet Singh alias Toofan on Friday morning. SIT is being formed to cancel the case and investigate it to the bottom. He said that the talks between the police officers and the representatives of the group took place in a cordial atmosphere. During this, Amritsar Police Commissioner Jaskaran Singh along with different police officers were also present with him.

Will take Lovepreet along: Amritpal
Amritpal Singh also said that his organization has held talks with the police. Police has assured to release Lovepreet Singh on Friday morning. It also said that SIT will be formed to investigate the matter. We will go back when the police release Lovepreet in the morning.

this is the case
On February 17, the police had registered a case against Amritpal Singh, six of his associates and 20 unknown people in police station Ajnala on the statement of a youth named Varinder Singh. Varinder Singh had alleged that Amritpal and his accomplices abducted him, assaulted him and desecrated his kakars. Looted his money too. In this case, the police had started raids to nab Amritpal’s accomplices. On Thursday, Amritpal called upon his supporters from across Punjab to reach Ajnala police station.

When the police stopped Amritpal’s supporters from moving towards the police station, people armed with sticks, gandas, swords, rifles and spears broke the barricades. He entered the police station premises having a violent clash with the police personnel. In the meantime, the car carrying the form of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji reached the police station from Jallu Kheda village of Amritpal. The police say that Amritpal had brought a holy car with him. We did not take any strict action keeping in mind the dignity of Sri Guru Sahib Ji’s form. It is worth mentioning that the law and order in Punjab is already under question due to incidents like Patiala violence and murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri and Dera Prem Pradeep Singh.


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