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Udemy free courses for today are:

SEO Strategy 2023. SEO training to TOP rank your website! (Udemy Free Courses)

Search Engine Optimization course on how to build an effective SEO Strategy and increase your website’s Google rankings CLICK HERE

What you’ll learn (Udemy Free Courses)

  • Build a strategy for promoting your website in search engines
  • Analyze traffic
  • Work with analytical tools
  • Choose effective keywords
  • Build links

What’s in the course? (Udemy Free Courses)

7 key strategy questions that you need to answer before promoting your project online.

  1. What prevents your site from being number one on Google?
  2. How do you build an effective SEO strategy?
  3. What should you understand about search engine algorithms?
  4. What factors influence search engine ranking?
  5. Which keywords should you use?
  6. Where should you get links?
  7. What have competitors already done to achieve success?

Answers to these questions and many more are in our SEO course!

Our course comes with valuable checklists, templates, and video tutorials!

This course will help you organize your promotion strategy, choose the right keywords, analyze your competitors, and much more! Learn how to use SEO tools to optimize your digital marketing campaign! Upon completion of this course, you will have a full-fledged SEO strategy that will propel you to number one on the Google search engine!

Udemy Free Courses

Unlimited Free Traffic Generation Course: Master Edition (Udemy Free Courses)

Discover the ultimate traffic source for getting high-quality free traffic to your website, app or YouTube Channel CLICK HERE

What you’ll learn (Udemy Free Courses)

  • Create a lead-magnet quick and easy with a free cloud-based online tool called “Attract”
  • Learn to set-up a growth-hacking campaign with a free cloud-based online digital marketing tool called “Go-Viral”
  • Execute the viral marketing campaign step-by-step using various innovative methods
  • Get to know about the “Repeat Loop Spike Traffic Method” to be implemented in the viral marketing campaign
  • Get to know the practical results of the created growth-hacking campaign live

Who this course is for (Udemy Free Courses):

  • Digital Marketers who wish to learn new-age methods to generate tons of traffic to their website, blog, YouTube channel or app landing page
  • Growth-Hackers who want to enhance their skillsets and knowledge further by learning innovative concepts like “Repeat Loop Spike Traffic Method” to use in their marketing campaigns
  • Marketing Trainers who may want to teach these mind-blowing techniques taught in the course to students or corporates
  • Anyone who has an interest to learn how to generate free traffic to their site, eBook page and also get views for their YouTube videos

Ms Excel/Excel 2022 – The Complete Introduction to Excel (Udemy Free Courses)

Master Excel/microsoft Excel- Learn MS Excel – Excel formulas/Excel charts/Excel functions using Excel 2016/Excel 2019 CLICK HERE

What you’ll learn (Udemy Free Courses)

  • How to properly use excel
  • How to build easy apps with excel
  • Understand different theoritical concepts around Microsoft Excel
  • Practice what you have learned in different projects
  • Understand how you can use excel in real life situations

For who is this course designed (Udemy Free Courses)

This course is designed for people who have no prior excel knowledge. Indeed, this course is really here to give you a complete introduction to microsfot Excel and give you all the basic knowledge to be able to use this amazing app by yourself. Also, this course can be useful for everyone that always wanted to start there Excel journey and to see the potential of Microsoft Excel. This means that even with no excel knoeledge you will be able to create your own Excel Apps by the end of this course and this a guarantee that I can give you.

Why should I take this course

​Yes, of course there is many other microsoft Excel courses that exist on the internet. But, my way of teaching you how to use this application is unique. Indeed, every concept in this course comes with an example. This will give you a lot of practice so you will be able to think very logically when you will create your own Excel apps. First of all, you will know the process of creating an excel basic app, know how create the plan for your app and then finally make all the creation of the app. This means that with just one course, you will be able to put your full potential into using microsoft Excel and having your own applications that can be used for different purposes.

Make Money Online Moving Your Fingers! (Blogging Course) (Udemy Free Courses)

Learn SIMPLE Steps That Made Me a LIFE-CHANGING Income by Blogging! CLICK HERE

What you’ll learn (Udemy Free Courses)

  • Learn 4 SIMPLE Steps to Make Money Online with Blogging
  • Learn 10 POWERFUL Tricks to Get Your Blog Ranked on Google
  • See How to Make +$1,500 with 1 SIMPLE Blog Post + Video!
  • See How a Simple Blog Post Can Generate $81 Passive Income Over And Over Again!
  • See How 1 Blog Post Makes Me PASSIVE INCOME Every Month for Already Over 2 Years!


Would you like to wake up in the morning, check your phone and see how much money you made while you’ve been sleeping?

That’s my morning routine.

Every single morning I like to check out from my phone how much money I have made last night.

But of course, things weren’t always so good for me so let’s go back in time back to 2015…

How Did I Learn to Make Money Blogging?

I was searching for ways to make money online…

Then I made a few searches on Google…

I saw a website where a man from the US showed me step-by-step how to make money blogging.

The process was very simple! Just 4 steps…

However, it took some time to master the process and I must admit that I made a lot of mistakes.

With trial & error I eventually learned how to make money with blogging.

I made over $100,000 online and helped many others to make money with blogging too.

People learned the steps to make money on my blog Your Online Revenue and on my YouTube channel Learn to Make Honest Money Online…

Udemy Free Courses

The Complete Java Game Development Course 2023: Part 2 (Udemy Free Course)

Learn Java by Designing Games From Scratch | From Zero to Hero 2021 CLICK HERE

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Java basics and apply them to real world projects.
  • Master the Java packages for 2D game development.
  • Learn how the Object Oriented Programming is used in practice.
  • Create playable well known games such as Tetris and Starship, for your own sense of achievement.
  • Import pictures inside a game
  • Animating game characters and the displayed text
  • Use Key Listeners to take user inputs to change the game state

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java developers
  • Experienced Java developers
  • Computer Science students
  • Software developers
  • Game development enthusiasts
Udemy Free Courses

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