Girl Students Video Went Viral On Internet In Private University Of Mohali – Mohali Video Leak: Old enmity or blackmailing…what is the reason behind video leak scandal – CGCHOTBOX

In a private university in Mohali, pornographic videos of girl students went viral late on Saturday night. After this, an MBA student was arrested. According to sources, the girl admitted that she had sent these videos to a friend of hers in Shimla. The accused student is assuming in a video that she made this video at the behest of a friend. He also showed the boy’s photo in his phone. In this video the warden is telling that girl why did you do this. Now the police is investigating whether the videos were made in any enmity or there was any pressure on the accused girl. According to sources, the girl has also sent her videos to the boy. In such a situation, the police is treating it as blackmailing. However, SSP Viveksheel Soni said that the arrested girl had only sent her own video and not that of any other girl. The investigation of the whole matter is on.

According to the information, the hostel where this entire incident happened was earlier Boys Hostel. It was converted into a girls hostel sometime back. As soon as the matter came to light late in the night, the police force reached the spot. At the same time, the Punjab State Commission for Women also started its investigation immediately.

Punjab Women’s Commission chairperson Manisha Gulati said that the truth of this entire matter will be brought out in seven days. Along with this, the hostel warden will also be questioned. At the same time, the security arrangements of the hostels of colleges across Punjab will also be checked.

In Mohali’s well-known private university, the atmosphere became tense late on Saturday night, when a student staying in the hostel made obscene videos of other girl students and made them viral on social media through a friend sitting in Shimla. As soon as the girls came to know about it, there was a stir in the university.

SSP Mohali Vivek Soni said that forensic evidence is being collected. No suicide attempt has been reported so far. The medical records of the students have been taken on record. People should not pay heed to any rumours.


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