NAKODAR: Encroachments on space meant for pedestrians by vendors and shopkeepers had become a routine in Nakodar town as the Nagar council authorities have failed to act against the violators.

Berms of the road from Fohara Chowk to Ambedkar chowk, Ambedkar Chowk to Railway Road, Jalandhari Pulli road, Malarri road, Nurmahal road have gradually been encroached upon. Sweatshop owners, other shop keepers and vegetable and fruit sellers have encroached upon the space meant for pedestrians in front of and near the Nagar council office.

Vegetables selling street vendors have encroached Gurdwara road. Taxi operators have made berms of Jalandhari Pulli road their stands.

Shopkeepers display their wares in front of their shops, leaving little space for the people to walk. Traders selling building
materials have blatantly placed hardware in front of their shops. Some shopkeepers even use parts of the road to display their goods. An
agriculture implements manufacturer has turned part of road into his workshop on Nurmahal road.

Locals say the failure of the nagar council to initiate action for the removal of encroachment at old vegetable market have encouraged other
shopkeepers to encroach upon the road.

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