Protests, this is what IKGPTU wanted?

Now it’s high time, today one student found covid + on PTU campus, and now many students are also at risk. Who is responsible for this?

After many requests at last students have to come to roads for their life. Students today started the protest against the PTU for the decision of offline exams. Today one student has come positive tomorrow there will be 100 but nothing is going to happen to university. Students and their parents are only going to suffer. University will never take the responsibility for the students suffering because of them. Students are not your puppets.

Students life is important, exams can be taken online but for university, money is what matters nothing else. Students are now being forced to stand in this chilling cold holding banners saying, student life matters, we don’t want to die, we want online exams. Students are in danger where is the government now? Nobody to help us, but we will help ourselves ONLINE CLASSES = ONLINE EXAMS.

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