True faces are here! No fee no examinations

Though this is an odd semester, CHANDIGARH GROUP OF COLLEGES, LANDRA students are being asked for even semester fees that too in advance. When students requested time or to pay partial fees they said exams are near do it as earlier as possible. And in this period of the pandemic, almost everyone is suffering from a financial crisis but college doesn’t want to listen. So when students were not able to pay fees then they started blocking college Id even then the students were requesting that they can’t pay it altogether that in a week, they threatened them by saying if they didn’t clear their dues that were current semester and next semester they won’t be provided with admit cards and neither will be allowed to sit in the examination.
This all doesn’t stop here, PTU is also forcing students to appear for exams in physical mode or offline mode, this can be dangerous to the physical and mental health of students. Corona second wave is out, everyone has read about the UK crisis, but still want to test it on students. they are treating us as a slave. PTU conducted the reappear examination which made students covid positive. This was not enough now they want to test it with a greater number of students by conducting an offline examination.

Students being are pressurized in each way either it is for fees or examinations. We demand some relief from this unnecessary pressure regarding exams and fees. We are students, not puppets whom u can use according to your needs.

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