Students are not testing kits .

Parliament sessions being postponed due to covid but students need to give exams . Why ?

Ptu posting offline exam datesheet forcing students to give offline exam otherwise asking to attempt in march . Covid 19 second wave which is 70% more infectious than previous one but exams are to be conducted because students are covid 19 protected . Doctors say it takes Corona about 5-14 days to show symptoms than how can be covid test 96 hours before exam prove that student doesn’t have the infection that too after traveling .Corona won’t effect students or students life is not important . Students are not even listened by the authorities , but when its time to take fee then they change colours like chameleons . Our parents are not millionaire’s who will firstly arrange the fee and then even risk there child life and in case of any causality , will also pay for the someone’s act . It’s not about one or two , it’s about all those families and students who are being forced to do things against there consent . We demand for online exam , our future can’t be risked like this . We can’t make our families suffer because of someone . We pay for our betterment not for risking our lives .

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