PTU Regular semesters examination starting from 04.01.2021.

All Students of Regular semesters Examination are informed to select the exam center near to their home (or easily approachable), so that during corona epidemic student need not to travel much and ensure safe return to the residing place on same day. After selecting the choice of your examination center via your login ID available at university website, the examination center will be allotted to you for appearing in examinations. The option to select examination center will be available in login from 22.12.2020 to 28.12.2020. Once examination center allotted can’t be changed, hence the selection be made with utmost care. Some students have written to the university that it is difficult for them to appear in the examination starting from 04.01.2021 due to COVID-19 and interstate transport issues.

Such students are advised to take all precautions (like wearing of mask, sanitizing etc. as per guidelines of Govt. of India) before start of traveling. University shall communicate the concerned examination center for taking all necessary precautions like maintaining social distancing and other necessary measurers while conducting examination.
Anyhow, if there are still some students who feel difficult and risky for them to appear in the examination starting from 04.01.2021, the examination of such students will be taken in the month of March 2021 or when such students found it as suitable environment for them to appear. Such student may opt for “Not appearing in this examination and I will appear in the examination starting from March 2021 or when the environment will be conducive”, while selecting exam centre via Login ID.
No-Dues shall be processed online from the login of Concerned HODs and student with
no pendency shall only be allowed to download the admit card from his/her login ID
w.e.f.29.12.2020. Admit card can be downloaded after the confirmation by Concerned
HODs. The schedule for filling of examination form shall remain same.

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